The Good Book of Ruminations

 Philosophical ruminations can be extremely important to consider when embarking upon a career in performance. Divine guidance, natural talent, dedication and humility are among the fundamental tools needed for success.
Further, I invite aspiring artists to consider the thoughts of seasoned artistic professionals, or Opera Apostles, as they share their most meaningful words of wisdom
in a new blog entitled,
The Good Book of Ruminations:
A Musician’s Guide To Survival.

Book of Ruminations 1:1-3
A Good Word from Operatic Apostle and Tenor, Michael Fabiano

Chapter 1

1Thou shall not holdeth out thine hand before thy brotherman for help. 2From whence comest thine help? It cometh from thine own toll, labor and passion while out in the field. 3Therefore, go ye forth with full courage, for thy strength awaiteth thee on the path where ye shall soon trod.

Michael Fabiano
Michael Fabiano


Don’t wait for anyone to hold your hand. Do it yourself. Go your own way and not ask for a handout. An example of how I lived by this same principle occurred for me between the ages of 19-20. The way that I earned money to get the resources to go on audition tours was by singing 115 weddings, 70 funerals, and umpiring 85 baseball games

This was how I paid my bills. It was a lot of work, yet I did it and felt it was worth the sacrifice. Therefore, taking ownership of one’s career from its beginning can cause one to feel a sense of ownership of what they are trying to accomplish. And by the time one receives their first major operatic job, then there can be a greater sense of achievement.