The Good Book of Ruminations

Philosophical ruminations can be extremely important to consider when embarking upon a career in performance. Divine guidance, natural talent, dedication and humility are among the fundamental tools needed for success. Further, I invite aspiring artists to read the thoughts of seasoned artistic professionals, or Apostles, as they share their most meaningful words of wisdom in a new blog entitled,

The Good Book of Ruminations:

A Musician’s Guide To Survival.

The Good Book of Ruminations 3: 1-5

A Good Word from Operatic Apostle and Bass, Dr. Morris Robinson.

Chapter 3

1Believeth that the place upon which ye standeth is solid ground and follow the path laid before thee. 2Focus thyself not upon the destination, but upon each step. 3Be ye pure in thought and truthful in thine own soul. 4Taketh only wise counsel and do good work. 5When thou ploweth the field, the toll of thine hand shall shewn forth. At harvest ye shall gather ripe fruit and a bountiful harvest.



Dr. Morris Robinson

Trust the process and don’t focus on the end results. Set realistic goals while remembering that they require honesty from all involved parties – teachers, coaches, and most importantly, one’s self. Capabilities can indeed change with constant development. To that end, your realistic goals may change as well. Stay focused on developing your own unique voice, and the rest will take care of itself.
~ Dr. Morris Robinson.