The Good Book of Ruminations

Philosophical ruminations can be extremely important to consider when embarking upon a career in performance. Divine guidance, natural talent, dedication and humility are among the fundamental tools needed for success. Further, I invite aspiring artists to read the thoughts of seasoned artistic professionals, or Opera Apostles, as they share their most meaningful words of wisdom in a new blog entitled,

The Good Book of Ruminations:
A Musician’s Guide To Survival.

The Good Book of Ruminations 2:1-5
A Word from Living Opera Legend and Apostles, Jessye Norman

Chapter 2

1Before thou standeth before others, seek ye first a teacher with good knowledge. 2Be ye not afraid to search high and low. 3For thine preparation will show forth like pure gold whilst standing in the place where the spotlight shineth most brightly. 4When thou singeth, danceth or playeth, be ye ever steadfast, 5for laud shall be bestowed upon thee who hath first taken heed to find joy preparing in their room.


Jessey Norman
Jessey Norman

I tend to say to my younger colleagues, you know, that we’re not oracles just because we happen to have been in the business longer than they. But I would encourage anyone – a singer, a violinist, a pianist, a dancer – that the one thing that we must all do is to work and prepare…and to be willing to enjoy the preparation process, because we spend much more time in rehearsal than we actually do onstage. And we have to make ourselves comfortable with the idea of preparation and the time that that takes, and the time that that simply needs. Working hard is it’s own reward. ~ Jessye Norman.