The Good book of Ruminations


Philosophical ruminations can be extremely important to consider when embarking upon a career in performance. Divine guidance, natural talent, dedication and humility are among the fundamental tools needed for success. Further, I invite aspiring artists to read the thoughts of seasoned artistic professionals, or Apostles, as they share their most meaningful words of wisdom in a new blog entitled,

The Good Book of Ruminations:

A Musician’s Guide To Survival.

The Good Book of Ruminations 4:1-4

A Word from Living Opera Legend and Apostle, Renee Fleming

Chapter 4

1Knoweth that when thou art called, ye are chosen. 2At the time of full harvest, be aware of the weeds that aim to snare and choketh thine good fruit.3Maketh thou a wedge for protection. 4Gird thine self from attack.


Renee Fleming, soprano

The more that you accomplish in your life, the more there will be people suddenly appearing around you who want to bring you down. Protect yourself from this negativity. Create filters that stand between yourself and the harshness of those who aim to negatively impact your vulnerability.
~ Renee Fleming, soprano.