Did you know… ?

… that music is MATH? In fact in many conservatories and music schools across the country, music theory is considered to be part of the math curriculum. In the illustrative video below entitled, “MUSIC + MATH,” based upon a live concert presented by the Santa Fe Institute and the Santa Fe Symphony, this fascinating relationship is explored with wonderful visual images set to musical examples. As it is expressed in the video, “If math is pattern, and sound is vibration, music is sound shaped and patterned. Math can help us understand the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that fascinate our brains and stir our hearts.

YouTube video: Music + Math: Symmetry

From Pythagora’s observations of the fundamental mathematical relationship between vibrating strings and harmony to the digitized musical world we enjoy today, the “Majesty of Music” and Mathematics with the Santa Fe Symphony and the Santa Fe Institute will explore this remarkable interweaving of the languages of music and mathematics.
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